Philip K. Calandrino

Managing Attorney

Orlando business attorney, Phil Calandrino, has been regarded as “The Entrepreneur’s Lawyer.” He believes that a good business lawyer should work closely with his clients to become the most trusted source for practical business advice and sound legal guidance.


Thomas S. Dolney

Senior Associate

Handling both transactions and litigation gives Tom a unique perspective while working out deals or litigating. Tom represents both buyers and sellers in business and real estate transactions, such as a stock sale, asset purchase sale, or the purchase and sale of commercial real estate. He also litigates business cases such as closely held partnership disputes. The majority of his lawsuits are before the Complex Business Litigation Court of the Orange County, Florida. He has also drafted appellate briefs and argued before the Fifth District Court of Appeal.  

Amy G. Calandrino
Office Administrator
Melanie M. Johnston
Jordan Jarvis
System Administrator

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