Business Ownership Services

We help business owners reduce the risk of legal problems in their business and personal lives using asset protection and preventive law strategies that address a comprehensive range of issues.  

Business Formations

When setting up your business, you can be pragmatic but still think big. We go way beyond filling in forms to design flexible organizational structures that will help to reduce litigation risks, minimize tax burdens, foster growth, and attract investment. We help right-size solutions for every level of entrepreneur, from newbies to sharks. Get a turnkey solution from us at a reasonable fixed fee.

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Private Placements/Stock Sales

Attracting outside investment for rapid growth can be very rewarding if done right or devastating if mishandled. You need us to guide you through a minefield of issues created by shrewd investors, tax traps, and litigation pitfalls. We can help you take your company to the next level with professional strategic planning, negotiation, and drafting services. Everything we do is based on up-front fixed-fee pricing, or for qualified clients, a success-fee alternative where we only get paid if the investment deal is completed.

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Trademarks and Copyrights

Your company’s branding and other intellectual property are its most important, and its most neglected, assets. We can help you identify your intellectual property assets, decide which ones should be protected from infringers, and develop a maintenance program to keep trademarks and copyrights in good standing. Best of all, our programs are right-sized to each entrepreneur’s needs and done for a predictable flat fee.

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Business Acquisitions, Mergers, and Sales

There are active owners who expect to work in the business until retirement, and there are passive owners who serially buy and sell businesses over a lifetime. While they have entirely different approaches to buying and selling, what they have in common is that they need to know that the other side stays in line and they won’t have to deal with unexpected financial consequences after the closing. We help buyers and sellers through every stage of these transactions for a fixed fee, or in some cases, a success fee, where we only get paid if the deal closes.

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Business Closures

For a variety of reasons, businesses must be closed from time to time. It’s in these times, that the owners need to be especially careful about how they handle the wind down of the company’s operations to avoid personal liability. The sooner we get involved the more we can reduce the stress and anxiety by plotting out a plan to identify and address these risks in a pragmatic and methodical way, with all our work being done for a flat fee.

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Estate Planning

Entrepreneurs have unique estate planning needs. We help business owners prepare succession plans to continue operating in times of tragedy and estate plans to transfer value without incurring unnecessary tax consequences for a flat fee.

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Commercial Real Estate Transactions

Many business owners will at some point buy or lease commercial real estate. We help entrepreneurs make the right buy vs. lease decision and help them negotiate the terms of the lease or purchase contract for a flat fee or success fee.

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