Business Operation Services

We transform sophisticated legal concepts used by large companies into practical solutions tailored to the needs of small businesses for an array of operational issues encountered by small business enterprises. 

Customer Contracts

There is so much more to a customer relationship than making a sale. Business owners should protect their intellectual property, reputation (online and offline), and address the risks of nuisance and class action lawsuits. We help our business owner clients to identify areas of risk, and create balanced contracts that help protect their interests. Whether it’s a one-time deal or creating a template for repeated use, we can offer alternatives to hourly fees for our drafting and negotiation services.

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Employment Contracts

Whether you’re dealing with your workforce, you must be careful not to violate state and federal labor laws. From employment agreements to policy manuals, we help our business owner clients reduce the risk of misclassifying employees as independent contractors, mitigate against the costs of complying with the law, and lowering the chances of a class action or multi-plaintiff lawsuit. We can offer you reasonable flat-fee packages to take advantage of these services.

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Vendor Contracts

Vendor contracts come in many forms, such as the purchase and sale of goods, leases of commercial real estate, and loans to finance the business. Whatever the subject matter, it is important that you negotiate appropriate terms for the deal wherever it’s an important transaction or one that involves an ongoing relationship with the vendor. We help our business owner clients identify areas of risk in the vendors’ contracts and negotiate terms that lower their risks for a flat fee.

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Commercial Insurance

Insurance policies are complicated legal instruments. Business owners sometimes miss important coverage issues by not reading and understanding these materials. We help entrepreneurs make sure that their personal and business risks are fully covered with flat-fee insurance contract review packages.

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Franchising is an attractive alternative to self-financing the growth of a business. We help entrepreneurs who are thinking about using franchises to grow their business and individuals who want to become franchisees in such a system make the right choices and comply with the complex franchise disclosure laws. Our services are available on a fixed fee basis.

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