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  • Your knowledge and experience are clearly valuable, but it's your insightful analysis, judgement, creativity, and clear focus that distinguish your firm. I can’t thank you enough.
    Terry Ward
    CEO of Ward Photonics, LLC
  • They put forth the unexpected effort to understand their clients' issues. We give them our highest recommendation.
    Liz Andert
    CEO of Vestal & Associates, LLC
  • Great advice! The firm is very knowledgeable in helping guide businesses every step of the way. An excellent experience working with them, they care and it shows.
    Charlie Kiester
    CEO of Southern Cross Media, LLC
  • I was impressed with their passion and commitment to my case.
    Arif Rajan
    CEO of Atlantic Eastern, LLC

Business Ownership

SBC Focus: Use a holistic approach to ensure the optimal formation, and harmonious operation, of the client's business enterprise.

SBC Practice Areas: Business Startups; Private Equity; Mergers & Acquisitions; Asset Protection; Investor/Partner Relations; Securities; Company Administration/Governance; Taxation; Intellectual Property.

Our business lawyers will start your new business, or reestablish your existing business, in the state or offshore country that's best suited to your situation, taking into account, your desire for anonymity, flexibility, and freedom from government interference. We help you to make beneficial tax elections and reduce your self-employment tax burdens. We cover issues that arise with investors or partners, such as operating agreements, limiting fiduciary duties, noncompete and confidentiality restrictions, private placements, and stock subscriptions. And, we implement the latest asset protection, succession and estate planning options to make sure that your family's interests are secured.

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Business Operations

SBC Focus: Transform sophisticated legal strategies--previously afforded only to large companies--into practical strategies that small business owners can readily implement with a mindset on making deals work but protecting the client from unnecessary future litigation risks.

SBC Practice Areas:  Contracts, Commercial Transactions; Commercial Real Estate Sales; Regulatory Compliance; Labor & Employment; Financing; Franchising.

Our business attorneys get to know every aspect of your business. We analyze the relationships your company has with its customers, vendors, employees, independent contractors, lenders, and what it needs to do to comply with all applicable federal, state, and local laws, regulations, and ordinances. Where possible, we draft contracts to mitigate your risk and maximize recovery if there is a default. We review insurance coverage to make sure there are no unexpected gaps, and we use asset protection strategies to give you leverage to resolve disputes without litigation.

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Business Litigation

SBC Focus: Outmaneuver opponents using advanced case assessments and trial strategies while offering clients fee arrangements so that they can focus on the outcome instead of the cost.

SBC Practice Areas:  Business Litigation; Shareholder and Partner Disputes Litigation; Construction Litigation; Real Estate Litigation

The biggest problem our business litigation attorneys see in cases is that the clients tend to try to resolve disputes on their own, usually to save on legal fees. In the process,  they give up too much, or say too much, or create too many new issues that will have to be litigated earlier, making things even more expensive.

SBC's clients don't have that worry, because we offer attractive alternatives to hourly fees. So, by getting us involved early, our clients end up much better off, especially in terms of money and stress. Our long-term clients have the added benefit of having implemented our preventive law program (read below). That makes it even easier to resolve cases quickly and inexpensively before a lawsuit is ever filed.

When litigation is necessary, we used advanced trial preparation strategies and techniques, such as early and ongoing case assessments, to make sure that our clients get through the case with good results and minimal stress.

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Don't get blindsided by legal problems.

We do so much more than handle your organization's current needs. We help you fine tune your business to prevent legal problems.

Unexpected legal problems can derail a successful enterprise. We've developed a proprietary preventive-law program that will help you head off legal disputes before they start, optimize your company's operations, and ensure that if a health or business crisis strikes, you and your family are protected.

STEP ONE: clear up existing Disputes

Our lawyers are business law experts; attorneys who will help you achieve an optimal outcome in your business litigation matter, whether that means going to trial or negotiating a reasonable settlement that lets you get back to focusing on your company.

STEP TWO: Prevent Future Problems

Have a business law specialist at our law firm examine every aspect of your business operations and identify any areas of risk that can be covered with our proprietary preventive law strategies.

STEP THREE: shelter your assets

Our asset protection attorneys will work with you to create a practical plan to protect your business and personal assets.

BONUS: get Legal Advice whenever you need it

You don't need to worry about the clock running when you call our law firm. There's never an hourly charge for our lawyers' time. Most everything our attorneys do is billed on a contingency-fee or a flat-fee basis. So you can take comfort in having open access to the full resources of our law firm whenever you want.

RESULT: Run your business with peace of mind

Our law firm is solely focused on business law matters. And, as business attorneys, we know what it takes to reduce the legal burdens on your company. So, leave the legal issues to us and focus on doing what you love: Making your business even more successful.

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Practice Areas

The attorneys at Small Business Counsel have structured their practice areas to address virtually everything a small business owner could ever want in a law firm.  

Here's a list of some of the key services we provide:


    Virtually all successful business owners find themselves involved in business litigation disputes from time to time. The difference between winning and losing a case, and knowing when to settle and for how much, is all in the early-stage planning. 

    When a dispute first arises, we will work with you to prepare an early case assessment. This will help you understand the strengths and weaknesses of your case and your opponent's as well. Our commercial litigation attorneys will use the assessment to form a strategic plan for your case. The attorneys will work with you to decide if it is best to settle or proceed to trial.


    Building strong relationships with vendors, customers, employees, investors, joint-venture partners, and other stakeholders, is critical to the growth and success of your business. Having a contract lawyer help you negotiate a clearly-worded agreement to define your rights and obligations in these relationships not only prevents the risk of future litigation, but facilitates growth and prosperity. Because our law firm has handled contract drafting projects for most every type of business relationship, across a variety of industries, our business attorneys can professionally negotiate and draft a document to suit your needs.

    Besides, most contract drafting and review work is done at our law firm is billed on a reasonable, up-front, flat-fee basis. So, you never need to be concerned about hourly fees.


    Buying an existing business can jump start a successful business. But there are hidden risks and liabilities involved in these transactions. It's important that you have professional help from a competent team of professionals, led by a business attorney who is experienced in mergers and acquisitions law.

    Our law firm will be there with you throughout the process. Our business attorneys can provide you with valuable advice and guidance on nondisclosure or confidentiality agreements, letters of intent, purchase and sale agreements, promissory notes and other financing arrangements, such as SBA financing, due diligence, and closing documents. Moreover, most of the contract drafting and review work associated with mergers and acquisitions done at our law firm is billed on a reasonable, up-front, flat-fee basis. That way, you can focus on the deal instead of wondering how much it will cost.


    Building a business is a challenging process. When it comes time to exit, whether that involves a traditional business sale, giving or selling it to the next generation, or something along the lines of an employee stock option plan (ESOP), navigating the legal issues to extract maximum value is a tricky undertaking. So, the best time to start planning for an exit is now, even if the actual event is years away.

    Our law firm helps business owners decide on the best exit strategies for their situations, considering both the potential value, family issues, and tax implications. Our business lawyers help sellers focus on the key issues, such as maintaining confidentiality and protecting intellectual property, negotiating favorable sale terms, decreasing the risk of post-sale disputes, and making appropriate tax elections.

    Because most of the planning, drafting, and review work associated with business sales, exists, and succession plans is done at our law firm on a reasonable, up-front, flat-fee basis, you can think about on maximizing value instead of how much the legal fees might be in the end.


    When two separate businesses forge a relationship, the result can be the creation of a relationship that is far stronger, longer-lasting, and more beneficial than an ordinary contractual agreement.

    A contractual joint venture is sometimes carried out through the formation of an entity (in which case the deal terms are memorialized in a written operating agreement), or through a joint venture agreement. In either situation, our business attorneys can help you navigate the legal issues that this form of business relationship entails.

    Since most of the planning, drafting, and review work associated with these sorts of joint venture formations are done at our law firm on a reasonable, up-front, flat-fee basis, you can think about the business issues instead of what the legal fees might end up being when it’s complete.


    Leveraging human capital is key to even the smallest enterprise. But hiring and maintaining a workforce comes with its own legal minefield of obligations, duties, taxes, and, regulatory compliance issues, and with those comes the potential for litigation initiated by an employee or independent contractor.

    The best way to handle these issues is through a human resources preventive-law program. Our labor and employment law attorneys work with business owners to develop employment contract, independent contractor agreements, employee handbooks and employee policy and procedure manuals, and restrictive covenants (such as confidentiality, nonsolicitation, and noncompete agreements).

    Because much of the contract drafting and review work associated with employment law matter is done at our law firm on a flat-fee basis, you can focus on training and growing your workforce instead of the legal costs.


    For many small businesses enterprises, intellectual property rights are its most undervalued and under-protected class of assets. These rights can involve copyrights, patents, trademarks, service marks, trade dress, and other aspects of corporate identity. And, as an integral part of the business, where infringed upon, the wrongdoer can threaten the viability as a going concern.

    Our intellectual property attorneys advise clients on the best available protections for each element in a company’s portfolio. We also handle litigation claims involving infringement claims, on behalf of either the plaintiff or the defendant.

    Moreover, most the work we do on with trademark and copyright applications and portfolio planning is done on an up-front, reasonable, flat-fee basis, while most of the litigation is accepted on a contingency-fee basis. That means you can concentrate on the branding and marketing of your business without thinking about the legal spend.


    Threats to individual and business wealth arise from a variety of sources. Some claims stem from legitimate and expected contract creditors, such as consumer and bank debt. But, occasionally, unexpected claims arise from guaranties, contingent liabilities, joint and several partnership obligations, and business litigation. Business owners are frequently surprised by the extent of their exposure and the powerful collection tools available to creditors. The results for an unprotected business owner can be disastrous.

    Fortunately, business owners can take advantage of a variety of wide-reaching asset protection tools. The asset protection lawyers at our law firm can design a plan that's right-sized for your needs, by restructuring your personal and business holdings, including, where appropriate, establishing domestic asset protection trusts, offshore trusts, and offshore holding companies.

    Since most of the planning, drafting, and review work associated with asset protection strategies are done at our law firm on a reasonable, up-front, flat-fee basis, you can rest assured your assets are sheltered instead of worry about spending them on legal fees.

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